Alex DeGroot is a producer, mixer, engineer and musician best known for his work as a co-producer and live multi-instrumentalist for Zola Jesus.

Originally from Wisconsin, he moved to Los Angeles and learned the craft of producing records as a staff engineer in several studios, working under such greats as Dave Jerden, Eddie Kramer and Andy Johns. As he began working as a producer in his own right, Alex found a specialty in working on projects that combine organic and electronic elements and defy genre.

Additionally, he has been a touring musician for Zola Jesus since 2010, performing on guitar, synthesizer, percussion, and electronics in over 35 countries, including a TV appearance on Liveā€¦ with Jools Holland, and radio appearances on NPR and the BBC.


Zola Jesus | Exhumed

Kim Free | "Destiny"

Roses | "Julian March"

Dunes | "Learning To Fly"


Kim Free | Slips | LA's Fine | Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Zola Jesus | Okovi | Sacred Bones | Co-Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Roses | Camera Trouble | Group Tightener | Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Dunes | Bitter Charm | Negative Space | Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Zola Jesus | "Hunger" (Radio Edit) | Mute | Mixing

Roses | Dreamlover | Group Tightener | Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Delphic Oracle | Watching the Fern | Self Released
Remix on "Death Dreams (Alex DeGroot Remix)"

Kim Free | Nevermind the Blue Skies | LA's FINE | Mixing

Dracula Lewis | Permafrost | Souterrain Transmissions | Mixing

Violetness | Last Night In My Dreams, I Was Talking To You | LebensStrasse

Boy Friend | Egyptian Wrinkle (Rough Trade Ltd Ed) | Hell Yes!
Remix on "The Lair (Alex DeGroot Remix)"

Zola Jesus | Valusia | Sacred Bones | Co-Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Zola Jesus | Stridulum | Sacred Bones | Tracking/Mixing

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E-mail: alex [at] alexdg.net
Phone: +1.608.772.3639